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Introducing Journi, an interactive road safety program designed for learning from home or in the classroom.


Students learn fundamental road safety awareness through games, quizzes and videos, embedding key road safety behaviours into interactive learning.

Years 5 & 6

Australian Curriculum learning areas:

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Digital Technologies
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Journi helps students develop their digital literacy skills, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills, and other fundamental educational concepts.
Teacher shows something to a child on the computer screen

Are you a teacher?

Journi is an online learning initiative supporting road safety and education in Queensland. This engaging teaching and learning experience has been developed in collaboration with experts in both road safety and education to help keep kids safe.

Journi for teachers
Parent shows something to a child on the computer screen

Are you a parent?

With many children now learning from home, Journi provides an online, interactive experience that engages students in ways to keep themselves and others safe on and around roads. Journi drives development of critical and creative thinking. It is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and is designed to be used when learning from home as well as in the classroom.

Journi for parents
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