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Why Journi?

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing the burden of road trauma on our communities. A whole-of-life approach to road safety education helps equip and empower everyone to play their part. This begins in the formative years for children as they start to develop road safety attitudes and behaviours.

The Journi program is designed to increase applied knowledge and skills around safe road and travel practices of young people. It has been designed to support Queensland parents and teachers implement the Australian Curriculum, while engaging students in meaningful learning from home or in the classroom.

What is the age range for Journi?

The program is currently tailored towards Years 5 and 6.

Why Years 5 and 6?

In Years 5 and 6, children are becoming more independent. They’re riding their bikes further from home and using public transport more. They may use mobile phones and other electronic devices, or will soon. Journi will focus on giving simple and practical advice to students, helping them keep themselves and their friends safe around the road.

How will Journi appeal to students?

Through the use of interactive games, students will learn about the importance of wearing helmets, being alert around the road and avoiding distractions. These games will feature embedded learning about key road safety behaviours, while also providing a fun experience for students.

Why are games included in Journi?

Gamification has been shown to be an incredibly effective way of communicating important educational concepts to children of all ages. This innovative approach rewards students as they make progress throughout the program, encouraging participation and reinforcing positive behaviours.

What will students get out of Journi?

As well as learning important ways to stay safe around the road, Journi also helps students develop their digital literacy through activities such as coding. Some other developmental skills the program includes are information gathering, finding common ground with peers, analytical skills and how to work together effectively.

How does Journi fit into the school curriculum?

Journi uses a guided inquiry-based approach with engaging activities using a range of digital tools. Student engagement with the assessment tasks is driven by the inquiry question, 'What does it take to travel safely and independently?'. These tasks include the creation of an infographic and the design of a digital game or interactive quiz. All of these tasks require understandings and skills related to safe and independent travel.

Journi supports both teachers and parents to implement the Australian Curriculum, whether learning from home or in the classroom. The program combines key content from the Australian Curriculum (Health and Physical Education and Digital Technologies) with meaningful road safety education.

Who is Roadbot?

Roadbot is the face of Journi. He features in videos, games and online activities throughout the program. Roadbot will reward students with Journi coins as they complete assessment tasks and play games.

Roadbot will also offer students the opportunity to earn ‘coins for the curious’ by completing optional extension activities. Journi coins can be used throughout the program to customise and personalise a student’s online experience.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?
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