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What is Journi?

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing the burden of road trauma on our communities. A whole-of-life approach to road safety education helps equip and empower everyone to play their part.

The Journi program is designed to increase applied knowledge and skills around safe road and travel practices of young people. It has been designed to support Queensland teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum, while engaging students in meaningful learning.

What is the age range for Journi?

The program is currently tailored towards Years 5 and 6.

How does Journi fit into the school curriculum?

Journi uses a guided inquiry-based approach with engaging activities using a range of digital tools. The overall inquiry question, ‘What does it take to travel safely and independently?’, drives student engagement and focus in relation to the authentic assessment tasks. These tasks include the creation of an infographic and the design of a digital game or interactive quiz. All of these tasks require understandings and skills related to safe and independent travel.

Journi supports teachers to enact the Australian Curriculum. The program seamlessly combines key content from the Australian Curriculum (Health and Physical Education & Digital Technologies) with meaningful road safety education.

How does the program encourage student inquiry?

Journi engages students in discussion and inquiry about how to keep themselves and others safe. It will drive the development of critical and creative thinking. The program is based on the TELSTAR model of inquiry. This model supports students to understand what skills and knowledge they already have, and what areas they need to develop further. The program also encourages student to direct their own projects, based off their own insights and interests.

Will it be easy to use?

Journi will be easy and enjoyable for both teachers and students to use. Teachers will be supported with a range of online resources throughout the Journi program. Online teacher resources found on the Journi website and through The Learning Place and Scootle, will provide teachers with a comprehensive overview of the Journi program. Teacher guides will also provide detailed lesson plans and printable student resources, while the students section of the website will feature a number of engaging videos, including instructional how-to screencasts for digital exercises.

Teachers will also have access to special educator accounts that allow them to freely move through the Journi website and oversee their classes’ progress throughout the program.

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